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We specialise in building PC's to your specific requirements and needs. We build gaming PC's, Home PC's and Business PC's. If you would like a custom Desktop PC build email us at with the type of PC build you would like and we will get back to you as soon as we can. To speed up the process of your Custom PC build please provide us with the following information below of the type of PC build you want: 





Graphics card:

PC Case:

PSU: e.g. 400w, 500W etc.

Finance options:

We also offer finance options for our custom build PC's through payl8r finance which allows you to buy now and pay later by giving you the option to choose monthly instalments that best suits you. 


In order to get a custom PC on finance please send your request to our email above and we will then process a finance application form on your behalf once your happy with your custom PC order.

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