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Welcome to our Buy Now Pay Later section where you can purchase our products through Payl8r finance options that best suits you.


High Tech Computers is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Social Money Ltd, t/a Payl8r.

Credit is subject to a creditworthiness and affordability assessment.

Representative Example:

If you borrow £200 over 12 months at a fixed monthly interest rate of 4% and an annual rate of 48% and representative annual percentage rate of 127.34%

You will pay: Monthly payment: £24.66. Total amount you repay: £295.92 Total charge for credit: £95.92

Missed payments may affect your credit file, future borrowing and incur fees

important note: To purchase any of our products through Payl8r finance options you must checkout only by using this page and be a resident in the UK and follow the instructions below to purchase through payl8r finance,   if you are   a customer from outside   the UK  you will   not be   able   to purchase through   payl8r   finance.   Customers outside of the   UK have the  option  to  buy now  pay later  through  Paypal  at  checkout  and select  Pay later.

Import tax fees

You will be responsible for paying import tax fees as items may get dispatched from warehouses outside of the UK.

1.Browse through our product section on  our website to see what it is you want to purchase.

2. Once you have made your decision on what you want to purchase navigate back to this page and use the payl8r calculator below to see what finance options you have available.

3. After you have explored the finance options available for your purchase scroll down to High Tech Computers Checkout below and choose your product from the drop down menu, then click on Continue to Application to go through the process.

Buy Now Pay Later Computer Parts

Sometimes tight budget do not allow you to buy all the expensive computer parts together. At High Tech Computers we offer you the service of buy now pay later computer parts to make it easy for you to purchase the parts when you need them and pay for the same when your pocket allows. The service of computer parts and computers buy now pay later is becoming very popular over the recent years as possessing both computers and their parts have become very essential for our day-to-day life. So we are here to help you to make your system the most updated one with all the necessary parts available at EMI.

The Recommend List Of Essential Parts

To get the best performance from your computer you need to understand and evaluate the work of various components of the computer along with the knowledge of how they perform. Here we have made a selective list to make it easy for our valuable consumers to buy computers or its necessary parts and pay their purchase in smaller instalments.

Processor (CPU)

CPU or the Central Processing Unit is called as the brain of the computer which sends signals to the various others parts within the computer. The basic CPUs are the least powerful processor which are suitable for computers to do basic tasks. The mid-range processors can provide a cost-effective solution along with a better performance. If you want your computer to run with the most powerful proceed then opt to buy a high-end processor.


RAM which is also known as Random Access Memory, is the place where active data from your system are stored. It is the temporary memory that is used by the computers to do the real-time calculations and operations. The newest applications used nowadays require more RAM to run properly. So if you are the one who works on various tabs simultaneously, then to make your system perform better without overloading it can be achieved with more RAM.


The place where your computer stores data is the storage which is the place to save all your data permanently on the system.

There are two types of computer storage components on the market: SSD (solid state drive) and HDD (hard disk drive), and these come in different sizes. Computers with SSD’s are generally pricier but have faster read and write rates than computers with HDDs. Overall, SSDs are cooler, quieter and more efficient. HDDs use quick spinning magnetic disks used to store information whereas SSDs use flash memory. Though they are more expensive, it is advisable to choose a computer with an SSD rather than a conventional hard drive. SDD’s perform the same function as HDD’s but are significantly faster. SDD’s allow you to load and open various files and programs much faster than that of an HDD. At the end of the day, it really depends on how quickly you wish to switch on and open programs on your computer.


A computer case is also an important part as it holds all the components of your machine together at a place. There are spaces where you need to mount the fan of your system, the motherboard, several other hard drives, optical drives, RAM etc. There are several eye-catching options for casing which are available in the market.  All of them comes with different space and size which can accommodate the various components accordingly.

By choosing High Tech Computers to avail the service of buy now pay later computer parts or computers buy now pay later you can better afford the parts without thinking much about your budget and without compromising with the quality of the product. We do take of our valuable customers and help them split their payments into small instalments within a stipulated time period.

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