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Network Switches 

Welcome to our networking switches section where you can purchase a different range of our network switch products.



Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series Switches


TP-LINK Tl-Switch 8*10Gbps/10000Mbps (SFP + Optical ports)


Tp-Link 10GB Network Switch (8*10Gbps/10000Mbps)


TP-LINK - 8-Port 2.5Gbps Network Switch


TP-LINK - 10 Gigabit 8 Ports + Optical Ports Ethernet Network Switch


TP-LINK - 10 Gigabit 8 Ports, SFP+ Optical Ports Ethernet Network Switch


TP-LINK - 2.5Gbps 5 RJ45 Port Ethernet Network Switch


TP-LINK - 8 Port 2.5Gbps Ethernet Network Switch


TP-LINK - 5 RJ45 Ports, Ethernet Switch


TP-LINK - 10Gbps Ethernet Network Switch With 4 Ports


TP-LINK 8 Ports 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch


TP-LINK - 12 10Gbps Port, 4 10Gbps SFP+ Optical Ports Ethernet Network Switch


TP-LINK -24 Port 10Gbps Ethernet Network Switch


TP-LINK - 5 Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch


TP-LINK - 18 Port Network Ethernet VLAN Switch


TP-LINK - Steel 8 Port Gigabit Network Switch


TP-LINK 24 Port s & SFP+ Optical Port Ethernet Network Switch


TP-LINK 8 Port & SFP+ Optical Ports Ethernet Network Switch


TP-Link 8 Port Network Switch


TPLINK - Full Duplex 5-Port Network Switch


TP-Link Mini 8 Ports RJ45 Gigabit Network Switch


TP LINK - 48 Port Ethernet Network Switch


TP-LINK - Full-Duplex 5 Port Network Switch


Buy Network Switches Online UK

Are you looking for branded network switches at affordable rates? If yes, then you have come to the right place. High Tech Computers offers branded network switches of different kinds ensuring fast intra-network communication in offices as well as homes. We have not only the right kind of network switch but also the right knowledge that helps you in purchasing the switches meeting your requirements. So, buy network switches online in the UK from our portal and stay stress-free.

What are Network Switches?

It is hard to imagine any office or business meeting their internet requirements without using the network switches in the UK. Of late, even these switches remain omnipresent in homes as well. To put it simply, a network switch is a device that keeps computers connected and allows networked devices to share data efficiently. In other words, you need network switches if you want to share any data with other devices in your home or in an office.  With the right kind of switches in place, you can easily connect games consoles, servers, printers and DVD drives with the base computer.  Even they play a significant role in sharing files, backing up files to other devices and so on. These switches are available in the market in different numbers of ports.

The functionalities and features of network switches may vary from one brand to another. However, some of the common features are disabling or enabling specific ports, MAC filtering, port mirroring, configuring duplex mode and bandwidth, network monitoring to name a few. More ports imply you can connect more electronic devices to your network. So, assess your requirements carefully and buy branded Network switches online in the UK from our leading store.

Different Kinds of Network Switches

Basically, you will find two kinds of network switches in the market: Managed and unmanaged switches.
Unmanaged Switches: Amongst them, unmanaged network switches are the most common and come with a fixed configuration. These switches are plug-and-play and simply require basic connectivity to operate. They are common to install in conference rooms, homes and in other small premises.

Managed Switches:  These switches provide greater flexibility and support a simple network management protocol (SNMP). Advanced features like quality service settings, virtual LAS and IP routing provide greater security for all kinds of traffic.  They are easy to configure using command-line interfaces. The managed switch gives greater control over the network and is easy to customize as per your requirements. Such kinds of switches are common in enterprises. 

When you buy network switches online in the UK from our leading store, you get assurance of high-quality products. The reason is we deal with reputed TP-Link switches. Our wide range of TP-Link network switches supports one to twelve ports supporting incredible network capabilities and ranges. Moreover, these switches are designed with the smart technology and consume low power. This implies you can work more by spending less on your electricity bills.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fast and reliable way to transfer large images, files and data in your business or home, a network switch is the best solution. So, buy network switches online from our UK-based platform at affordable rates and get networking solutions of the best quality.




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